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A biweekly podcast about all things cozy. Light a scented candle, curl up with mug of coffee, and join us every other Sunday for a new episode. Interested in supporting the podcast? Join our Patreon!

Apr 10, 2022

Gillian and Matt answer 15 personal questions designed to deepen friendships including "What does my Instagram tell you about me?" and "What about me is the hardest for you to understand?"

  • Cozy in the News
  • Soothing Sounds
  • Candle Review
  • Questions from We Are Not Really Strangers
    • What’s your mother’s name? And what’s the most beautiful thing about her?
    • How can you become a better person?
    • Rate your dancing skills on a scale of 1-10. On the count of three, say your answers out loud.
    • How would you describe me to a stranger?
    • What fast food restaurant do you think I’m most likely to drive through? What’s my order?
    • Are you lying to yourself about anything?
    • What do you admire most about me?
    • What about me is the hardest for you to understand?
    • Do I seem like a morning person or a night owl? Why?
    • What does my Instagram tell you about me?
    • Are you missing anyone right now? Do you think they’re missing you too?
    • Both players write a note to your younger selves (1 minute) option to compare.
    • What compliment do you think I hear the most?
    • What am I most qualified to give advice about?
    • Wildcard: Questions are an art form — create your own.

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