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A biweekly podcast about all things cozy. Light a scented candle, curl up with mug of coffee, and join us every other Sunday for a new episode. Interested in supporting the podcast? Join our Patreon!

Jul 21, 2019

Jennie K. Brown (@jenniekaywrites) calls in to discuss Prose & Poison, the first entry in the Cafe Prose Mystery Series she writes as Jemma Bard. Jennie shares her love for Shakespeare, walks Matt and Gillian through the self-publishing process, and describes how she made the leap from teaching to writing full-time....

Jul 7, 2019

Matt and Gillian hide out at the Hatchery to chat about cozy reality television. Gillian seeks justice for Jessica Simpson, Matt wants to live on the Roloff farm, and both can't imagine what Newlyweds would have looked like if the producers got their first choice: Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley.