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A biweekly podcast about all things cozy. Light a scented candle, curl up with mug of coffee, and join us every other Sunday for a new episode. Interested in supporting the podcast? Join our Patreon!

Feb 16, 2020

Kate Littleton (@KateLit27) joins Matt and Gillian to write love letters to a pair of the coziest romanic comedy movies: Down with Love and When Harry Met Sally. Kate has battle scars from making stained glass, Matt imagines an alternate reality where Meg Ryan married Randy Quaid, and Gillian rides off on a peony.

Feb 2, 2020

Valentine's Day is right around the corner so Matt and Gillian send their love to the cozy ships (relationships that is) that make their hearts sing, whether they be real, fiction, or fan-fiction. Gillian gets hooked on The Circle, Matt joins the cult of Buc-ee's, and both appreciate the scent of oud. Get ready for your...