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A biweekly podcast about all things cozy. Light a scented candle, curl up with mug of coffee, and join us every other Sunday for a new episode. Interested in supporting the podcast? Join our Patreon!

Dec 22, 2019

Michael Sherman (@unqualified) stops by to light the menorah with Matt and Gillian and discuss cozy Hanukkah foods and traditions. Michael fries up latkes, Matt's a sour cream guy, and Gillian's an applesauce lady. Happy Hanukkah from All Things Cozy!

Dec 8, 2019

Alonso Duralde (@ADuralde) arrives on a one-horse open sleigh to chat about Christmas traditions and folklore from around the world with Matt and Gillian. Alonso opens presents on Nochebuena, Matt breaks opłatki on Wigilia, and Gillian escapes the Yule Cat. They also discuss Christmas in Japan, Goth Christmas, St....

Nov 24, 2019

Chef Kellie Blackburn (@chef_kellie_blackburn) cooks up tips to help Matt and Gillian prepare for a vegetarian Thanksgiving. Chef Kellie patiently teaches Matt and Gillian how to properly make mashed potatoes and shares recipes for butternut squash lasanga, tiramisu, and cauliflower mac and cheese. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 10, 2019

Give the gift of cozy this holiday season with the help Matt and Gillian's cozy gift guide! Matt and Gillian will each be giving away an item from their list to listeners who share this episode on social media. Listen to discover which items are included in the giveaway, and join Matt at the Redondo Beach Public Library...

Oct 27, 2019

Michael Varrati (@MichaelVarrati), writer, director, and host of the podcast Dead for Filth, rides his broom back to All Things Cozy to play fortune telling games and discuss horrific halloween history. Happy Halloween!